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The VHS Drama Club is one of the main drivers of extra-curricular arts-related activities for students on the New Kensington-Arnold School District.  Since our relaunch in the late 1990’s, we have been able to give over 1,000 students and scores of Alle-Kiski Valley community members an experience that they will receive nowhere else.

Every year, mounting successful fall and spring productions costs in excess of $30,000.  From costumes to make-up, props to sets, marketing and special effects, live theatre is one of the most magical experiences to become involved in, with something for everyone.  However, bringing this experience to our students, friends and families has become more and more difficult.

We are appealing to you, the community of supporters who has been with us every step of the way.  If you have attended one of our productions, helped to transform our stage or placed a costume on our backs and enjoyed your experience, please consider donating to our organization.  Any amount from $1 to $1,000 will go a long way in ensuring that the magic of theatre continues to thrive in our schools.

All donations will be recognized during our production of Peter Pan this spring. You may also keep your donation anonymous, should you wish. Thank you for your continued support of our organization and arts in our schools.

Booster Meeting – 1/12/16!

Attention Drama Club parents and friends!!

The VHS Drama Club Boosters will be holding the first booster meeting of the 2016 musical season on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 7:00pm at Valley High School (location TBA).  Please plan on attending this meeting to get information regarding upcoming fund raising events (there are a lot coming up!) and more information about committee help needed.  Plus, we’re a fun group so who wouldn’t want to spend a Tuesday evening in January with us?!

We hope to see you there!

2016-01-12 19:00:00
2016-01-12 20:00:00
VS Drama Club Booster Meeting
1st Booster Meeting of the 2016 Musical Season
703 Stevenson Blvd, New Kensington, PA 15068
VHS Drama Club

Rehearsal Schedule Updated!

Peter Pan logo

Rehearsal Schedule:

Happy New Year everyone!  We are excited to begin our work on Peter Pan, and can not wait to get on stage with you all next week with our first rehearsal!  If you check out our Events page, you will notice that the first rehearsals (full cast) have been scheduled for next Monday (January 11, 2016) and Tuesday (January 12, 2016) at 7:00pm.  We will initially meet in the auditorium and break off into groups from there.  Monday night will be a script read-through and we will begin work with vocals on Tuesday.  As we continue to update our rehearsal schedule, the updates will be posted on the Events page.

At rehearsal next week, all cast members will need to bring the following signed forms that we distributed during the December 22, 2015 meeting.  All forms are available for download here by clicking the links:

Additional notes:

  • fundThe first fund raiser of the year will be held this Thursday, January 7, 2016 at Bob Evans in Harmar Township, PA.  Please visit here for more information.  All orders turned in with the flyer (download flyer here) will earn 15% back to the drama club.  There will be one additional fund raiser at Bob Evans on January 14, 2016 as well.
  • A drama club booster meeting will be scheduled soon for parents to be updated on production status as well as many other topics.  As soon as this is scheduled we will post the information regarding the meeting here.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us here.  See y’all soon!

Cast/Parent Meeting! December 22, 2015

Valley High School Drama Club

Peter Pan

Cast & Parent Meeting

Attention cast!  There will be a meeting on December 22, 2105 at 6:30pm in the VHS Auditorium.  This meeting will be a chance for new club members to meet the musical production staff.  Also, permission forms, dues forms (dues are $20/student) and other important information will be handed out and discussed at this meeting.

Officers from the VHS Drama Booster Group will also be present at this meeting to discuss each student’s fund-raising obligations for the spring show and what opportunities will be available for each cast member.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

December 22, 2015
VHS Auditorium

Announcing the cast of Peter Pan!

Congratulations to the cast of the Valley High School Drama Club 2016 production of Peter Pan!

Congratulations to the Valley Jr/Sr High School students below who have been cast in the spring musical production of Peter Pan.  Our first meeting for PARENTS and STUDENTS will be held on December 22, 2015 in the auditorium at 6:30pm.  We can't wait to see you all there!!

Peter Pan: Madison Pastrick
Wendy Darling: Alexia Fularz
John Darling: Kirsten Crawford
Michael Darling: Catherine Tomes
Mrs. Darling: Abbe Ward
Mr. Darling/Captain Hook: Nathan Murray-Sinicki
Tiger Lilly: Hope Matyas
Smee: Kane Piroch
Liza: Abby Delk
Nana/Croc: Corin Rushnock
Jane: Hanna Clarke

The Lost Boys

Rose Barone*
Gabby Hernandez*
Ashley Hika*
Gianna Regoli*
Erica Schaeffer*
Kaylin Wall*
Lydea Zana*
Myah Zana*
Elidanna Ayala : Janaya Carlisle : Emily Dambrosia : Domenica Kupas : Madison Marcura : Katie McGinnis : Mya Miller : Jillian Oswalt : Elizabeth Schachte : Corin Sluka : Alexa Sorch : Gillian Zana : Liam Johnston

The Warriors

Zyniah Barrnett*
Sofia Bordonaro*
Brent Carnes*
Hanna Clarke*
Jamilya McBean*
Kiauna Oliver*
Gia Pannelle*
Jacob Swope*
Abbe Ward*
Ricquel Williams*
Brooke Doran : Kelly Gay : Daveeyla Ives : Kiyanna Montgomery : Angelina Rivera : Cheryl Thomas : Emma-Ruby Ward : Domenica Wolfe

The Pirates

Margaret Balich*
Abby Delk*
Jackie McBean*
Megan Ortego*
Sierra Storrs*
Bethany Tomes*
Lauren Beckes : Lala Dixon : Ian Henry : Gabriel Martone : William McGinnis : Lucas Tatusko : Adrianna Vickers : Abby Yurga

Take A Bow: 10 Ways Being A Theatre Kid Made You A Successful Adult

Reprinted from, written by De Elizabeth.  Original article here.

As a former theatre kid, you probably got an awful lot of sh*t. It’s likely that you were reputed to be loud, over-dramatic and known to do “odd” things, like burst into song at any given moment.

However, as you and all theatre kids know, many of your valuable life lessons have derived from days spent in rehearsals or at performances.

You can credit a wide range of skills used in your daily adult life to what you learned as a teenager, when you were known as the “weird theatre kid.”

As a young adult, you can look back on your days in high school drama club with both nostalgia and gratitude.

Not only were those long evening rehearsals an absolute blast because you were with your friends, laughing at inside jokes and having sing-alongs to the “Wicked” original recording, but because being part of a production helped you grow immensely.

So, let’s take a moment to pause in our busy adult lives to remember what it felt like to be 16 and putting on our first pair of character shoes.

Here are 10 ways theatre class creates some pretty awesome adults:

1. You learned the harsh taste of rejection early… and how to cope.

Every theatre kid knows that one-two punch of waiting… and waiting… and waiting for the cast list, only to be met with sheer disappointment.

It feels like being pushed off a cliff; your heart races as you scan the names, wondering why you don’t see your own. You look twice, and even a third time and then, it finally settles in. You didn’t make it.

The first time this happened to you, it was devastating. You wondered what you did wrong; you felt worthless. You may have cried for an hour or more.

You kept auditioning though, and you kept trying. Truth be told, rejection sucked every time, but it somehow got easier. You learned that it wasn’t personal, that maybe you just weren’t the right fit.

You learned to ask your director questions instead of bottling up your feelings. You focused on what you could do better next time.

This way of thinking stuck with you as you grew up. Sometimes, it’s just not the right role, job or boyfriend, but it doesn’t mean you suck as a person. You’ve developed a thicker skin and you’re tougher than many of your peers.

2. You know that success doesn’t come without hard work.

Any time you landed a juicy role in a show, you had to work your butt off for it. You never rolled into an audition without adequate preparation; you made sure you knew your song or monologue cold.

Additionally, you know how much time goes into creating a successful production. It takes hours of rehearsals and dress rehearsals, countless weekend set builds, tech days to program the lighting, costume fittings, and the list goes on and on.

You didn’t get to collect your bouquet of flowers until you contributed the necessary blood, sweat and tears.

This philosophy doesn’t end with the theatre — it extends into all areas of your life. Accomplishments do not exist without great effort.

3. “Getting into character” taught you empathy.

If there’s any person who understands the meaning behind the phrase “put yourself in her shoes,” it’s you. This is literally what you had to do every time you approach a new role.

Your acting exercises include instructions to connect moments in your own life to that of your character. You had to look for similar emotions within your own heart.

This wasn’t always easy, especially if you were playing a character unlike whom you actually are. Sometimes you felt disconnected from a role, and you had to look inward in order to grasp it.

This skill has been essential to you; it’s helped you understand the world around you. You can relate to others, and you’re able to interpret their behaviors, even if you don’t agree with them.

4. Spontaneity is in your blood.

Before “YOLO” was a thing, there was the Broadway show “Rent,” which taught all former theatre kids this important lesson: “No day but today.”

To say you embraced this to the fullest is an understatement. You’re fun to be around because you adore spontaneity. You’re the type of person who will shout “road trip!” and you get excited about making adventure of everyday activities.

You have an appreciation for living in the moment because you know how much each moment counts. A moment can make or break your audition, and a moment can make an audience member laugh or cry.

You strive to make the most out of every second of every day, and you look for ways to create excitement.

5. You are a kickass problem-solver.

In live theatre, things are bound to go wrong at some point. Maybe you had to step in and take the place of a fellow actress who was sick, or perhaps, you lost a prop mid-show and had to figure out how to deal.

If you worked backstage, your problem-solving skills might even be sharper. You had to prepare to help yourself and the actors if need be.

When something goes wrong during a performance, there is zero time for panic. All you can do is launch into damage-control mode and focus on the solution at hand.

You know how to keep your cool during a crisis, and you know that the goal is to solve the problem. The best thing you can do is work toward that goal, without melting down.

6. Thinking on your feet is your specialty.

You’re probably cringing as you remember a time when your scene partner forgot all of his lines and you had to improvise your way through it.

You were sweating underneath your costume and trying to summon every ounce of possible psychic willpower to telepathically send him his lines. When you exited the stage, your friends surrounded you and praised your improvisational skills.

Or perhaps, your scene partner forgot an entrance, leaving you alone onstage with an entire audience staring at you.

Sometimes, things go wrong and there’s absolutely no time to plan a solution. When that happens, you have to have cat-like reflexes and be fast on your toes.

Luckily, you learned this (perhaps the hard way) during those terrifying theatrical moments and you now have the strengths to handle unexpected obstacles.

7. You’re well-spoken.

“The lips, the teeth, the tip-of-the-tongue!”

All of those drills you did as vocal warm-ups probably haven’t left your brain, even after a decade.

You know how to project your voice, how to use correct diction and enunciation, and how to craft the sound of your voice in order to be understood.

Thanks to all the speech exercises — not to mention that time you did Shakespeare —, you are quite skilled at speaking eloquently.

This comes in handy when you go on job interviews or when you have to give presentations at work. You’ll find yourself channeling those tools from class, and you’ll feel grateful when you’re respected by those you’re speaking to.

8. You’re a go-getter.

In theatre, you don’t get what you want without putting yourself out there first. In order to be cast in a show, you have to audition. In order to be on the production team, you have to interview. End of story.

Building confidence is key; you had to give yourself many pep talks before you ventured out to your first audition and to many auditions after that.

It takes a lot of effort and self-esteem to push apprehension aside and go for it anyway.

You know that life demands similar qualities out of you and that no reward comes without some element of risk.

9. Fear doesn’t get the best of you.

You remember your first few auditions in high school and the feeling of getting onstage in front of your teachers (and sometimes peers). Your palms were probably sweaty, and maybe, your knees shook a little.

It’s possible this happened every time you auditioned; many professional performers confirm that stage fright never entirely disappears.

Despite the fact that you were scared, you learned how to control your nerves. You learned how to seize that nervous energy and trap the butterflies that ran rampant in your stomach.

That sense of control allowed you to channel that energy into whatever you wanted it to be, and you put it toward a successful performance.

As you navigate your 20s, you know that you’ll find yourself in many situations that create anxiety and nerves. However, you won’t run from those scenarios; instead, you’ll face them head on with deep breaths and confidence.

10. Your friendships run deep

Perhaps most importantly, being in theatre gave you several dozen families over the years. Every show became its own chapter in this larger story of your theatrical endeavors.

With each cast, you bonded in a different way, some more closely than others.

You’ve been lucky to have shared the stage with some of these people and even luckier to have them in your life now.

You care a lot about your friends, and the bonds that you’ve created will forever remain unbroken, even after your final curtain call.

Announcing the 2014-2015 VHS Drama Club Season!

This year, we are happy to announce that we will once again be presenting fall and spring productions at VHS!  Our first show will be a murder mystery dinner theatre, ‘You Have The Right To Remain Dead’ to be presented on October 18, 2014 at the VHS Cafeteria.   In April, the VHS Drama Club is happy to announce that we will be presenting ‘Hairspray’, April 16-19, 2015!  Tickets for each show will go on sale one month prior to opening night.

You Have The Right To Remain Dead
October 18, 2014

You’ve just settled down in a theatre to solve an audience-participation murder mystery. The narrator comes out and gives you a few “ins and outs” on what to look for in the play. The show starts and you meet Fat Daddy, a rich but vindictive southern gentleman with an equally conniving and scheming family. So you know who’s going to die, right? But who will the murderer be? Will it be Sweet Mama, Daddy’s pandering wife; Hyacinth, the daughter who’s always cleaning the family firearms; Earl the worm, or his overly amorous wife, Savannah; or Clete, the sullen handyman who, for some reason, is in the will? Then Fat Daddy is discovered, dead as a hammer. Except the corpse isn’t Daddy’s, it’s the narrator’s! The director comes on stage and the police arrive. Now you have to figure out which of the actors murdered the narrator. And not only are you questioning the cast, but they are questioning you! Yes, you are a suspect as well! 

April 16-19, 2015

You can’t stop the beat in this big and bold musical about one girl’s inspiring dream to dance.

The 1950’s are out and change is in the air! HAIRSPRAY, winner of 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical, is a family-friendly musical piled bouffant high with laughter, romance, and deliriously tuneful songs.

It’s 1962 in Baltimore, and the lovable plus-size teen Tracy Turnblad has only one desire — to dance on the popular Corny Collins Show. When her dream comes true, Tracy is transformed from social outcast to sudden star. She must use her newfound power to dethrone the reigning Teen Queen, win the affections of heartthrob Link Larkin, and integrate a TV network, all without denting her ‘do!
Keep visiting our site to get more information about these upcoming shows!