Auditions: Death of a Doornail

 Auditions: Death of a Doornail

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Valley High School Auditorium


Auditions for the upcoming ‘Death of a Doornail’ will be held on Wednesday, August 29 at 7:00pm in the VHS Auditorium.  Auditions are open to all students in grades 7 through 12; we are looking to fill 10 roles and various crew positions.

About Death of a Doornail:  Eccentric Millionaire, Albert Doornale has invited all of his close friends to his estate; including his ex-wife Abigail, his current fiance Candy Bombay, and his childhood friend from the Lower East Side, Salvatore Carbone.

Everyone arrives at the estate greeted by the grumpy Butler and cutlery carrying cook. The only problem is, Albert is not there, no one has seen him. Not his nerdy Nephew or his socially spoiled daughter. None of the guests have any idea why they are there or what happened to their host. That is until blood is found in the upstairs bathroom. 

Was Albert killed and carried away? In the nick of time, Inspector Bukowski arrives on the scene. A murder investigation will begin, as soon as a body is found. It may be a long wait.


Narrator: Host of the mystery.  Just wants the evening to go smoothly for everyone in the audience.

Audience Member 1: Thought he was going to a ‘Free Form Karoake’ evening but has ended up at the murder mystery.  Wants to sing ‘Mack the Knife’ but may stay for the play.  Most likely sits in a big stuffed chair at home and talks back to the television, therefore a live play should be no different to them.

Audience Member 2:   Tries somewhat to keep her friend under control in public when she can get him to go out. Would like to stay for the play  since she probably tricked him into coming.

EDWARD (THE NEPHEW): Typical “Poindexter” type of character you would see wearing a school blazer, bow tie and round horn-rimmed glasses. Is always up for a good intellectual challenge, whether it’s finding Uncle Albert or solving a murder.

PRICILLA: Daughter of Albert Doornale. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, spoiled rich girl. Accustomed to having everything done for her and having her way. Would have someone else “think” for her if she could. Wants “daddy” and ’mommy” back together.

CANDACE BAMBAY: Current Girlfriend of Albert Doornale. Very naive in the ways of the wealthy. Only sense of social culture has probably been learned in bowling alleys, beauty parlors and bars. Wants to fit in.

MORTIMER: Typical English style butler. Very dry and unemotional in appearance. A lot smarter and “hipper” than he lets on.

MRS. MORGANFORD: The bored and bitter cook. Carries around a butcher’s knife just in case she needs to cut something.

SALVATOR CARBONE: Albert’s childhood friend from back East. As where Albert made a fortune and became rich, Sal’s money was earned on the streets with the other Wise Guys. Has been invited by Albert to the estate. Expects that his old friend “Al” is going into a new business venture with him.

ABIGAIL DOORNALE: Ex-wife of Albert. Loved being rich and established and hates not being rich and established. Is in hopes that Albert has invited her to reconcile their marriage.

INSPECTOR BUKOWSKI: A police inspector who is eager for a big case to fall in his lap. Has not had a “big” case yet. Or even a “medium” case. Has read about big cases. Is quite sure he could handle a big case if he had one. A big murder case would be cool.

ALBERT DOORNALE: Eccentric Millionaire who has invited guests to his mansion.